At Chalk we generate ideas which are exciting, innovative and relevant to our client’s needs. Working with research to find most effective solutions, we deliver them in a clear and visual way which helps our clients to understand the value, the expected outcome, as well as financial considerations of an idea at the earliest stage of conception.

Research – Idea Generation – Visualisation – Outcomes



We believe that in order to push great ideas to their best outcomes, requires good design. We bring together a team of experienced designers, engineers, material specialist and modelmakers. By combining these different knowledge bases and skills, we can ensure a great idea remains strong throughout the design phase.

Analysis – 3D modeling – Prototyping – Design Engineering


Project Management

Producing the most creative, well designed solution to a problem is great, but if you miss the deadline or the project ends up over budget it has ultimately failed. We treat every project as our own which is why we always ensure that what we do comes in, on budget, on time and is always exceptional. We’ve found that communication and openness at every stage is essential to developing long standing and trusted relationships with our clients.

Client Liaison – Extensive Suppliers List – Delivery Schedules – Client Relations


Production and Manufacturing

Chalk has extensive in-house workshop facilities, spray facilities and a highly skilled team of modelmakers, making sure that everything we produce can be perfectly executed to the highest degree. Knowledge of materials and processes as well as 25 years’ experience making beautiful objects, we are able to provide a holistic service, from batch manufacturing right up to large scale productions and installations.

Material Specialists – Prototyping – Workshops – Manufacturing


3D Technologies

We have been using 3D technologies for over 10 years and always ensured we remain at the forefront of the latest technological innovations through experimentation and investment. This approach means that we are able to provide our clients with the most innovative and efficient facilities for solving their needs. We have an extensive range of 3D printers, 3D scanners, CNC machines and laser-cutters all supported by the most advanced software available.

3D Printing – 3D Scanning – Laser Cutting – CNC machining