Aroma Diffuser Mask

client  -  Bogue Perfumes

Antonio Gardoni commisioned chalk to scan and print a classic disposable paper filter mask.

The aroma diffuser mask was moulded and cast by ceramic artist Fausto Salvi in terracotta, fitted with a wooden handle and infused with Antonio Gardoni’s ‘Rue de Bois’ perfume.

“The internal surface of the Bogue aroma diffuser mask is made in natural terracotta in order to absorb the liquid scent and release its aromas together with the deepest aromatic notes, Bogue MASK is an incredible aroma diffuser, elegant, yet enigmatic and unique.”

  • Date Completed - October 2012
  • Tags - 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, Product Experience, Model Making, Scent, Packaging
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