Leave an impression with 3D pitch material

posted on July 13th 2016 in Media

Whenever pitching for new business, whether to prospective clients or ones who you’ve worked with for years, it’s always been essential to communicate your ideas effectively and try to invoke excitement in the possibilities of what those ideas may hold moving forward.

With the digital age and the emergence of 3D printers it has never been more pressing for agencies to step away from the sole use of digital media to represent ideas, and start to move towards more physical outcomes. We’ve seen a steady increase in the expectation from clients for more physical representations of ideas even in early stages of the creative process.

Chalk has provided a long list of bespoke promotion merchandise, pitch material, and corporate take-homes for most of the worlds’ major creative and media agencies, which have helped to win millions of pounds worth of business. Proof, that providing that little bit of tangible representation can go a long way to getting clients excited about what you do best.